Identity by Ahmed Habouss

Why has the dialogue between culture and religion become so difficult in the globalization era?
Because we are living in a world ruled by interests, selfishness, velocity made up of stress that does not give rest to mankind, does not allow to stop, slow down, question oneself about the meaning of life in a world that is always changing. This velocity destroys our desires and hopes, it reduces and modifies the nature and the essence of man, destroying part of his humanity. What is important is that it serves the logic of the market, adaptable and exploitable in the globalization era. This velocity of modern times is ruled by a huge quantity of information and news which no longer allows the receivers to verify their sources and reliability. On the contrary the slowness of time gives everyone the chance to stop, detach, leave space to one’s own subjectivity beyond any type of ideological and political contamination. Slowness permits us to discover ourselves, the other who is inside us, as well as the unknown and above all the foreigner. Slowness helps the dialogue and makes it possible through the consideration and the development of freedom spirit, emancipation and active creativity which, in the dialogue, meets moments of exchange, of shutting and open-mindedness, but always being part of a dialogue aiming at the discovery of what unites us and where the spiritual aspect and the symbology may become reading keys and reciprocal understanding!

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