Home page of site www.culturaelibri.com

Home page of site www.culturaelibri.com

Culture and books is a website of analysis and information on the cultural debate in Italy and the world. We aim to enrich and satisfy the curiosity of visitors interested in the ideas and subjects which the site proposes. A special section will be dedicated to culture, book reviews and other well identified themes. The site was created with the aim of communicating across disciplines and supporting dialogue in an open way. Presenting pros and cons which are not based on clear reasoning is both sterile and counterproductive, so the site presents subjects which enrich and support the evolution of dialogue and conditions in a constuctive spirit. The site presents useful and varied information on  Italian and global material and intellectual life. We hope to contribute, in a modest way, to culture and important contemporary issues, by means of articles, briefs and public discussions. In the era of internet and new communication technologies, this site is a multilingual space, a place of circulation and production, open to exchanges, to creativity, to indignation and above all to freedom of thought and action.

Closing oneself in a single home, having but one window, means reducing one’s vision to a single perspective, always the same, without possibility for change. Opening up other windows, other horizons, allows us to have different insights into a world which renews itself continually.

Culture and books intends to respond to the needs of a public debate accessible to all. This site aims to contribute to the diffusion of a constructive criticism of work which feeds our intellect and allows it to evolve in order to face the dark times which come upon us throughout our existence.

Culture and books contains three sections:

–     Culture and Books of the World: it’s a constantly updated section on intellectual and cultural life in Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean and other geographical, linguistic and cultural areas.

–     Reflections and Debates: unedited reflections developed by researchers from various disciplines; significant space will be given to work which is less diffused in the media in order to introduce them to a larger public. Most space will be dedicated to analysis and debates on important contemporary issues.

–     Books, reviews and studies: this section has a central position in the site. It proposes numerous book reviews and covers all scientific, cultural and intellectual fields. This section has a multidisciplinary character. It is open to anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, history, literature, philosophy, art, classical music etc.

The texts are freely accessibile and are on line with the agreement of their authors.




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