The Mubaraks’ day of judgement

Two months ago, Hosni Mubarak stepped down from near 30 years of rule. On Tuesday, Mubarak left his residence in Sharm El-Sheikh — where he has been under house arrest — to appear before an investigation committee on charges of financial corruption. He was put under official custody for 15 days pending further questioning.

Hours later, state TV announced that Mubarak was rushed into a Sharm El-Sheikh hospital with a heart attack while undergoing questioning over illicit money making. At 3pm yesterday, Mubarak was transferred to the military International Medical Centre on Cairo-Ismailia road. His condition was reported as stable.

He was kissed good-bye by his two sons who, according to a medical source, were in a state of total disbelief as they were taken to Cairo where they are being held in Tora Prison for 15 days on charges of financial misappropriation. In addition, Gamal also faces charges of incitement against unarmed demonstrators during the first week of the revolution.

Meanwhile, official sources said that former first lady Suzanne Mubarak underwent questioning as well over her administration of public projects, including the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Dina Ezzat

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