La Caravane du Livre 2011

The Book Caravan calls at the Salt Country

Jamila Hassoune has the pleasure to inform you about the next Book Caravan, which will take place from 21 to 24 April at Imarighen. This High Atlas village is situated at equal distance from Tinmel and Marrakech, that is 65 km. This very road has been used by the Almohads at the end of the 11th century, on their way from Mauritania to Marrakesh. The Mosque, named after the village, Tinmel, and which was built by Abdel Moumen to pay homage to Ibn Toumert, called the Mahdi, bears testimony to the work accomplished by our ancestors. We shall follow the same track to try and breathe a new life into Imarighen, the salt country, which played a great role in the past.
We are organizing a varied program which consists of reading sessions, creative writing workshops for the region’s young people so as to incite them to carry on the task.

Jamila Hassoune

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